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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find many answers to commonly asked questions from clients. If you do not see your question listed here, feel free to contact me by phone or through email on the Contact page.


What is Structural Integration?

Our work concentrates on doing deep, lasting, and significant change to the body's structure, with anatomical precision, blended with movement and sensitivity to the unfolding individual experience.

The design is to unwind the strain patterns residing in your body's locomotor system, restoring it to its natural balance, alignment, length, and ease.


How does it compare to other physical therapies?

Structural Integration could be seen as a companion to osteopathic or chiropractic care, but instead of thrusting the bones back into place,  we adjust the fascial 'guy-wires' so that they stay in place- the new alignment simply becomes part of who you are, not something you have to work at or repeatedly see a practitioner to maintain.

Especially for chronic and long-held patterns, it is not enough to release the muscular holding, as in many types of massage therapy, though that is definitely  a good start.

Structural Integration reorganizes  the relationships of the entire body system, creating space in joints, improved alignment, and greater ease and functionality.


What are the benefits?

1. Improves posture and alignment.

2. Decreases aches and pains.

3. Increases flexibility.

4. Improves movement patterns.

5. Improves breathing patterns.

6. Increase body awareness.

7. Improves athletic performance.

8. A very good adjunct to yoga and pilates.

9. Alignment of the physical structure can align the body with the higher spirit, for spiritual growth.


What are the costs?

First session is 75 min session for $185. Follow up sessions are an hour for $150. You can always request longer sessions, 75 min for $185, 90 min for $225

I accept cash, check or credit card. There is a $5 service fee for credit cards


What does it feel like? Does it hurt?

My work is done with a sensitive touch, asking for constant feedback and movement.

Some chronic patterns do not release easily. This may require a degree of pressure. However, it is never applied without the involvement and consent of the client. The client is always in control as we work together to liberate counter-productive patterns.


Can you do this work on children?

Yes. I love to work with children. The sooner we are involved with the developmental patterns of growing bodies, the better chance they have of a life free of physical pain, and the ability to enjoy the bliss of a balanced and harmonious structure. I know this benefit personally, which makes me passionate about this part of my work.


What do I need to know before my first session?

In our first session we sit down and talk about what brings you to my office, what do you want to know? what are your goals and expectations? Then we do a structural analysis together. I want to see what is going on with you body and make a game plan for how to help you best. With your permission I take photos before we begin. This helps me track our progress and is often fun for the client to see as well.

Come hydrated. Wear underwear or swim wear that you feel comfortable wearing throughout our sessions.  You can read more by downloading Getting the Most From SI artical.


What is a 4 handed session?

Four handed session are highly efficient, effective and transformative sessions where two practitioners are working on you at the same time. The advantage of having two people working on you is the ability to connect and shift longer planes of fascial, creating a deeper change.  When Martin and Daphne are working together, the client gets the combined knowledge of both practitioners, and the unwinding that only comes with 4 handed work.