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Gastric bypass shoulder pain

Over the weekend, I got a call from a new client who was referred to me from her Dr. She was in town from Casper, WY seeing the Dr and was hoping I might fit her in before she went back. I don’t normally work on Sat, but was flexible in my schedule and was able to see her. ��She has chronic back and upper shoulder pain and deep hip pain that started after her hysterectomy.. She also had gastric bypass surgery 8 years ago, and had 2 c sections. She was also a single mom raising two kids. Her shoulders were boxy and rolled forward. She looked like her head was pulled down forcing her into kyphosis.

The listening took me to her stomach and up the lateral portion of her esophagus. We were able to find a release through the esophagus that she felt all the way up her neck. Then the stomach was sticking to the gut wall, but we were able to get the stomach to live in a happier place.

After that, we treated her c section scar and hysterectomy scar. The hysterectomy scar was just below her belly button and as we worked, the pull of adhesion pulled me in deep. It was still strongly attached to where the cervix was taken out. We had her do some kegels while we worked releasing that adhesion. She could feel a release though her whole pelvis.

I wish we had taken before an after pictures. She stood up at least an inch taller then when she walked in. There was a great change in her system. There is still more work to be done but it was a profound change right off the bat.

As a bodyworker, I often thought about the treating a kyphosis with elbow grease, and lots of it. It is a change in perspective that delicate specific work can create a deeper change.


Following the listening

Another addition to Adventures in BodyWork:
Today I saw a client what for a follow up treatment. The two sessions before, he was struggling with severe mid back pain, and a feeling of choking around his neck. He was also dealing with a lot of work stress and home stress.
Our first session was focused on his neck, and mostly the veins in his shoulders up to his neck. As worked, I could feel the emotional releases while they happened. I could feel the pattern of reactivity he was stuck in as it released. I could feel the circular thinking, that was like monkey chasing his tale, as his body let go of the pattern. This session relieved the choking feeling.
His thorax still was bothering him for our second session. His heart was what was asking for releases. His body asked for it, but as we were working, he shared with me that he felt his heart rate changing suddenly. I don’t remember all the preliminary areas we worked to specificity, but it was his anterior heart and pericardium. Then the sensation got acute in his upper thoracic. With my client lying on the table, face up, I had one hand on his back, slightly left of center and the other on his chest. I could feel the vena cava (the main artery that goes from the heart to the lower body) releasing along the lateral border, and it went all the way up to where the vena cava attached to the heart then back down the aortic arch again.
He stood up feeling so much taller. He reported today that his cardio has been greatly positively effected too. The pain today was very pin pointed into his T2. With all that I know, I still don't think that I managed to unwind what is pulling his T2 anterior and clockwise. Treating his anterior longitudinal ligament brought relief today. I see him again next month and we will get to see how the progress is coming.


It is where it isn't

Another addition to adventures in bodywork.

Today I had a follow up session with a client that I saw for the first time last week. She is a professional dancer. Being a dancer often comes with a laundry list of injuries, but what brought her in was a chronically unstable right ankle which has gotten worse over the last few years. It seems to suddenly give out, and with shooting pain making her walk with a limp for several days. She would go to the chiropractor and he would put it back in, noting that each time it went out, different bones were going out. This seemed odd that its pattern of going out continually changed. She has had a round of prolo injections to stabilize the ligaments in her ankle, but that was proving to be ineffective at helping her ankle maintain stability.

I listened to her body, which told me that the problem was in her left shoulder. I asked her about her shoulder, she said, “the left one?” She had a dance injury. Her once very long hair was wrapped around that arm, and she was stepping on it when she shot up and basically gave her neck and shoulder whip lash.

Then I listened to her ankle. It was quiet. The problem wasn’t in her ankle. I held her pelvis and listened. The pull was into her inner right leg. With her on her back, and her left leg straight and her right leg bent, I cupped the ischial ramus. Feeling into the obturator externus, her body began to release, into the pelvic bowl, into the femoral head and down the leg. We treated the adductor minimus after that, and she felt layers of deep aches going through her pelvis and hip.

I listened again, the left shoulder still craved attention. As I held the back of the shoulder near the spine, her shoulder started to twitch and jump all over the place. She shared with me that this was very common, and it was actually doing it less then usual. In my minds eye, I could see the nerves exiting the spine being covered in cob webs and pulling the spinal cord with it to the left. As we worked, her body hug the adhesion next to the spine and then stretched the nerve long, back and forth at various areas. It reminded me of flossing. The twitches also went away as we did this.

If what I saw in my minds eye is correct, then it would make sense that the pull from the spinal cord was pulling the nerve bundle down the right leg. She was like this toy I had when I was a kid that was held together taut with string, but when you pushed a button on the bottom, the doll became totally limp. When you let go of the button, the doll would regain its tension. This was why each time her ankle went out, it went out in a different way. She would move in a way that would cause the nerve chain to disengage and she would loose stability. Depending on what she was doing, different bones would go out.

Today she reported a massive change. Her body started to tell her when it was tired or feeling like it might start going out. She was flooded with memories of pelvic floor injuries she had sustained over the years. She ached in different places in her leg, and new places in her hips as the week progressed. She said with tears in her eyes how grateful she was. This was the first time she had hope that she could continue dancing and teaching. After so many years of seeing different practitioners, she was starting to think she would have to give up her passion. But now, she feels hope.

The most interesting part of todays session was the sacral release she had. Sometimes, the twisted fascia is in the bone itself, and that is just where I felt it on her today. She knew her sacrum was stuck in rotation, and could feel these waves of letting go happening. When she stood up, she felt her center of gravity be completely different. I could totally nerd out more, but I think we will end it there, and call today a happy success.


Eyes connected to nerves 

Did you know that our eyes are directly connected to our brains??? Well, that might seem a little obvious to some and like a useless fact to others, but in practice, we can use that information to pull on the nervous system through our eyes.

I started seeing a young tattoo artist recently. She works a lot and her body is starting to show the wear. The rotation she puts herself in is holding through the rib cage, and she is beginning to have tingling in her hands. Palpating her carpal’s told me that that the bones were not moving properly and the musculature was becoming the consistency of jerky.

We began opening though the hand and fingers, asking for some spread through the carpal tunnel. There was a pulling on the nerves from higher up. I went into her shoulder, and held onto the brachial plexus while holding the median nerve in the palm. As the nerve began releasing between my hands, my clients commented that it went strongly into her eye.

I asked her to move her eyes in all four directions. We could both feel a strong pull as she brought her eyes to the right. As she stretched her eyes, it pulled through her brain into the nerves of her shoulder and into her hand. She has a very dominate right eye and right hand relationship that she has and will continue to engage. We were able to get a stretch and subsequently length through the whole line by having her do eye movements.

I find the body endlessly fascinating. The connections that the body has and how it wants to unwind are always aww inspiring for me. Do you have a known connection between your eyes and body?


Changing Body, Changing Mind

Fall is upon us now, and we can all see and feel the changes in the air.  Nights are crisp, the trees are changing color and dropping their leafs, and we are beginning to harvest our summers work. Nature is so fluid in its transitions.  If only we could be so lucky.

I have always found the connection between the body and mind an endlessly fascinating quandary.  Watching the emotional shift that happens when peoples bodies change can be as cathartic as watching the seasons change.  Whether a person has committed to a new exercise routine, integrating yoga into their life, or embarking on the 12 session process of structural integration, if they are open to a shift, a deeper layer will arise reveling a more authentic self. 

I invite you to concider this seasonal change as an opportunity for you to shift into a more connected sense of self.