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The Yoga Teacher

Kiara Boch

In the ten sessions with Daphne, I felt like I released 10 years of physical and emotional baggage from my body. 

"My body awareness increased."

Daphne's keen eye and magical hands re-opened and awakened stagnant avenues in my body for the breath to circulate and flow through.  Thus, my body awareness increased, my posture improved, old aches and pains dispersed and I walked away from each session feeling lighter and more grounded. 


The Doctor

Sumeet Kumar

I am a 51 year old former surgeon who has moved on to a holistic health practice since 7 years.

For many years, I have been experiencing pain in my lower back and upper back and neck. A Chiropractic visit 3 years ago revealed that my right leg is pulled up and inwards at the hip, causing a shortening of the right leg, a tilt of the pelvis to the right and consequent misalignment of my spine. 3 chiropractic sessions helped a bit but not fully.

I was fortunate to meet Daphne and Martin on their trip to India in November 2011. An initial consultation with Daphne revealed details of my structural misalignment that had never surfaced before – my right hip was twisted inwards and my right knee outwards, leading to a shortening of my right leg and the pelvic tilt. My left knee was locked outwards. There was a posterior displacement of my ribcage at the heart level, blocking the free flow of energy between my upper and lower bodies. The natural curve of the spine was flattened and my neck was tilted almost 15 degrees to the right.

"I feel like a new and improved man.”

I received a single 4 hands session with Daphne and Martin on 23rd November that lasted an hour and a half. Since they were leaving India soon there was time for only one session so they decided to work on the main parts of the issue in the same session.

Daphne is Martin’s daughter and they have worked together many times before. As they later explained, a four hands session is more efficacious than a 2 hands session as it enables the entire fascial line to be stretched and energized from both ends. And my experience was amazing.

During the session itself as they started working from the ankle upwards, I experienced synergistic releases in the chest and neck.

At the end of the session, I was astonished to notice how my pelvis was balanced, the legs aligned straight forward, the back relaxed, the chest expanded and the neck vertical! I felt taller and lighter as I walked.

And there was so much more peace in my body. Previously I had always needed to move in meditations as tension built up in my upper back. After the session and in the 2 weeks since, I am able to sit peacefully in meditation with a tangible feeling of a large aligned tranquil core of energy rising from the base of my spine upwards through the top of the head.

The lower back ache is much better as also the ache in the upper back. The muscles at the side of the neck have relaxed and are no longer sore.

In effect, I feel like ‘a new and improved man”.


The Athlete

Donald J Thomas


As I collect my thoughts about your work, and attempt to present them through the eyes of a person dedicated to athletic pursuits as a lifelong passion, the most vital point that comes to mind is the revelation to a prospective client that your work is based on understanding, not vague, mystical cause and effect theories. 

"Naturally, I value your work very highly as it has been so effective in helping me maintain this active life."

A reader should understand that I have been a lifelong athlete, enjoying every conceivable sport, from marathon events like running, cross country ski racing, and road cycling to impact sports like ice hockey, formerly football at the college level.  Now in my sixties, I ride, run, ski, snowboard, fish, hike and play hockey regularly.  At this age, preserving range of movement is very important to me. Naturally, I value your work very highly as it has been so effective in helping me maintain this active life.

The single, principal attraction, from my point of view, is that your approach is solution based, and does not simply attempt to placate symptoms and address the only the surface.  Integral to your work is your knowledge of structure—bone and fascia and their relationship.  In locker rooms, over a beer, in conversations with all levels of other athletes, I have gained an impression about our ability to read our bodies.  It surprised me. Most athletes confuse cause and effect regularly, despite knowing our bodies and their presupposed strengths and weaknesses. 

As a result of our confusion on this point, we too often and too readily accept the limits they prescribe and thus, needlessly allow the complaints of our bodies to dominate our expectations.  Anyone with my age and experience in athletics can appreciate the frustration that accompanies treating only the symptoms from the surface.  During our months-long sessions many so-called beliefs about my own body have been uncovered and replaced with painfully earned truth.  Importantly, that better understanding has produced greater freedoms-in terms of reduced chronic pain and increased range of free movement. I have seen your work delve into years-long conditions and restore to me more freedom from pain, more flexibility, enhanced balance.  Snowboarding through trees, meeting the chaotic demands of ice hockey, making 50+ mph cycling descents down our mountain passes, even wading torrents in slippery river beds--all these things that I love require a high level of balance, full range of movement and flexibility.  Note: it’s also provided better preparation for me to more intelligently read and respond to new roadblocks the body throws in my way.

Daphne, it is the easiest thing in the world to simply recommend your work.  I feel much akin to a volunteer disciple and as you should know, carry what I know about your joyful approach to wellness into every circle I go.

With all good wishes and thanks.